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We offer upscale door-to-door service at commercial hauler rates. Our luxury custom-built 4 horse slant load is ideal for short trips or cross-country travel. Since it has living quarters, we are with your horses at all times, even during layover stops at farms. The horses are in ther stalls, and we are right outside! The horses are never left un-attended. Our new GMC 6500 is a reliable heavy duty truck made for pulling large rigs. Both the truck and the trailer are meticulously maintained and serviced.

The driver is an experienced horse breeder and trainer (the Training Section of this website has further details) so even fussy loaders are no trouble. Joe is an experienced hauler, and has been driving horse rigs for over a decade. Prior to that, he was a charter boat captain, making ocean crossings on a 72 foot sailboat. No matter what "repair" has to be made, Joe can do it, as in the ocean, there are no service stations.


Customize each trip to the horses' needs. For instance, if it is hot, we rest in barns during the day and travel at night. If your horse needs a box stall (weanlings, mare and foal, etc) or if he is a stallion, we can accomodate. Provisions are made to ensure the safety and comfort of each horse on the trailer.

Layovers are at places we know: training and breeding facilities or private horse farms with high standards for cleanliness.

We specialize in show horses, and normally these horses are seasoned travellers, so if you have a young horse or a horse who is shipping for the first time, they are more likely to have a good experience with us, rather than a commercial hauler.


make countless detours to pick up and drop off horses. As we only carry four horses we do door-to-door shipments. Commercial haulers carry 10-15 horses and make every effort to fill their rigs, causing dozens of extra stops along the way. On long trips, this translates into hours and sometimes days of additional time in the trailer.

Also, we do not do overnight layovers at county fairgrounds and other places where germs and viruses are more likely to be transmitted.


If you want your horse to wear a fly mask during the trip: No problem

If your horse needs supplements, or medicine: no problem!

We suggest you send several small meals in baggies, labelled with their names, ( 2 meals per day) so they can eat breakfast and dinner each day. The meals should be less than half of what they normally eat, but we feel that the less you interrupt their routines, the better. Also send a bale of hay per horse, as we do not like to change hay while the horses are being shipped.

We normally add small amounts of water to each meal to ensure that the horses are getting enough liquids.

Anything else you require, just ask

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