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THE RIBCAGE SISTERS: Saigon Fox and Zoey

These two 5-year old TB mares were "rescued" by Joe on Monday Nov. 21. They were here in time for Thanksgiving, which we celebrated by having them wormed, then vaccinated, and then put on Sand-Clear. Both mares are doing well and will be restored to their previous glamorous condition (we saw both horses in June of 2004 and they looked like show horses!). A family in Lake City obviously neglected them. Not because they had no money (they have plenty) but because they lacked commitment and respect for animals.

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This photo is of Ilene, a 3 year old thoroughbred Filly from Calder Racetrack, upon her arrival on August 1, with 2 factures of her LF sesamoid bone. A short time later she was out of her brace (AND OFF THE BUTE) and while still confined to a stall and a small outdoor "stall", happy, and healing (slowly) and may someday be able to carry the weight of a foal.

Joe built a custom ramp for her (as our trailer is a step-up) and we purchased a leg brace from Kimzey Metal Works in California.

Jennifer Elliott of Last Chance Ranch generously donated calm coat, calm eyes, and several packages of her miracle herbal Poultice for llene. Jennifer's products are sold at most of the tack stores in Florida and Dover catalog. They really work!!

During her 3 months of confinement in a stall, Ilene had MANY visitors. But this day, she had a special visitor.  Most horses (even older more confident ones!) were terrified of Ron's motorized wheelchair.  But Ilene seemed to know that Ron was recovering from his injuries, and they had something in common.  Ilene was not afraid of the chair, in fact, she put her head in Ron's lap to be petted by him.

Photo less than One Year Later: June 2004

Ilene peacefully grazing with her friend, Cappy the miniature, another adopted/rescue horse. Her left ankle has a magnet on it still, but she is off bute (as of October 2003). In December 2003 we gradually increased her turnout space so eventually (March 2004) she was out on a small 1 acre pasture, alone. In May we gave her a friend (the mini) and now there is an older TB mare in her pasture as well.

Eventually we believe Ilene will be 100% sound, and even now she trots and canters soundly. We discourage this, but we believe that being outside, with no shoes, and grazing 100% of the time has enabled us to heal her in a year, with very little stall/confinement time.

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