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Using a tarp and two poles, Joe asks the young appendix gelding (wearing a saddle for the first time) to step over and across the "obstacle". The horse will usually do the "easy" thing, so we try to make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard.

Using this method, and "asking" instead of "making" creates BRAVE AND HONEST horses!


Percheron stallion happily attempts the double platform

Our obstacle course (designed by Joe) helps us work with the horses' minds, as opposed to their bodies. They learn where their feet are, and how to negotiate various challenges such as the double platform, bridge, and logs. (Above, the 3 year old QH stallion is comfortable on the single platform and enjoys a moment of relaxation
with Joe.


Even YOU can do this with your horse:
A client with her Andalusian/Arab gelding.

Once you gain your horse's trust on the ground, it easily translates into trust in the saddle. The horses are virtually "point and shoot" over fences (even when they look like canoes!)

CLICK HERE to read "What is Natural Horsemanship?" written by Andrea, Oct 2006.

A few comments from our training clients....



Wellborn QH teaches Horsemanship. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, ride English or Western, a beginner or a professional. Everyone can learn "horse-man-ship" and begin to think like a horse. We have safe lesson horses like Dancer pictured here. He is a 22 year-old Quarter Horse gelding, a son of Mito Commander. Worth his weight in platinum (1400 pounds!).




YES, WE DO. These programs are tailored to reflect your specific needs, and those of your horse(s). If you do not have a horse, we have plenty here!

In fact, we are more than pleased. Nowhere else can a horse and their person find the resources that we offer under one “roof” for continued growth and training with their equine partner.

We offer a unique blend of Natural Horsemanship Training (for your horse), private lessons (for you) and Clinics (for both of you).

The Training: Many people find that they need initial help with their horse, in order to obtain full value from any clinic investment. In these instances, we can take your horse for a month or longer, and our monthly training fee includes one private lesson per week for you.

Quite a few people have trouble loading their horse in a trailer and consequently cannot get here for training, lessons or clinics. We offer mobile “trailer loading training” and we have a special trailer to accomplish this. These mobile training sessions should be booked well in advance.

Other people feel they are nicely along with their horse, and prefer private lessons each week with their horse(s) or ours. Private lessons are all within the framework of Natural Horsemanship (to see Andrea’s article about this CLICK HERE) and include groundwork as well as english and western horsemanship and riding: dressage, jumping, roping, reining, and trail riding.

Finally, the group format clinics we offer are not restricted to “ our training methods” as you would find at most other training facilities. We take pride in offering a myriad of instructors in order to bring you the widest variety of clinics.

These instructors have been carefully chosen for their teaching abilities, outstanding horsemanship and vast knowledge within their areas of expertise. These superb clinicians and descriptions of their clinic offerings are listed on our Clinics page, as well as comments about our clinics.

I call them “our” clinics since we plan, prepare, and coordinate each clinic as if it were a Broadway production, from the food, to the arena footing, to the overnight accommodations for the equine and human participants. Our clinics are simply THE BEST.

In summary, we tailor YOUR training for your needs and your horse’s needs, plus we are always available to answer your questions via email and phone long after you and your horse have gone home.

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