Note: this was a 7 year old half andalusian stallion that never been handled, except for heartless trailer loading, cogins test, and a drag line and halter cutting into his nose at the "horse trader's" on.....)

Joe, I don’t know how to thank you. You’ve taken control of a situation that spelled A-L-P-O for an animal and exposed a breathtaking, conscientious, thinking equus as he is supposed to be. Rescued from the meat market as the website ad explained, Gabriel now truly moves as if on the wings of Angels. To steal a line from a historical movie, you’ve taken him “from crayons to perfume.” Having spent years showing and a lifetime with horses, I can’t say enough about your techniques or your talents: I am in awe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Gabriel wants you to know that we don’t even own a can opener.

To Sir, With Love, Gabriel’s friend, Joanne J. Wachtveitl, Ocala, Fl

Followup: Sept 22, the day Gabriel went home, (as a gelding:)

Home safe and sound.
Sorry for the tears, I was just so overwhelmed with the fact that you actually freed Gabriel. I kept thinking of the slaves escaping Ramses' grasp and that is why I called Joe "Moses". He led Gabriel to freedom. Joe is Gabriel's Exodus.


Hi - Just wanted to let you know that the Warmblood inspection went great!!! Prissy (the pony yearling that Joe trained this past summer) got her blue ribbon 1st Premium status!!!! She made me so proud - she was the best acting young horse there. All the others there were dragging their owners all over the arena and when they turned them loose for the liberty trot and canter they could not catch them.

Prissy walked right beside me and when we turned her loose and made her run by swinging the lead line, she stopped dead in her tracks when I said stop and lined up her hiney. It was awesome and the judges laughed in disbelief! People came up to me after the inspection and wanted to know about her training - of course, I sang Joe's praises.

Faye S. and Prissy from Ocala

"Hi Andrea, I can't thank you & Joe enough for welcoming us into your beautiful home. I had a wonderful time and learned so much! I am hoping to be able to it again.

You & Joe are both warm and caring people and made us feel like family as soon as we arrived. You have a great facility and we (including the velcro sisters) enjoyed every minute. Joe's patience with Desiree was outstanding. I wish I lived closer so that I could come for riding lessons and training more often.

Keep me posted of any upcoming events at your place."

Fondley, Char

"I have a six year old Arabian mare who was pretty difficult to control
on the ground and I had only dared to ride about six times because she was so challenging. She is very affectionate, but tends to be
explosive in new situations. Lady and I began working with Joe
approximately four months ago. I was looking for a trainer who truly
understood horses and believed in training without breaking their

I also wanted the trainer to train me so I could be an active
part of Lady's training. She had already been to two previous trainers
and was still difficult for me to do anything with. I felt like Joe
was our last chance. He and Andrea introduced me to the Pat Parelli method of training and they often hold Parelli clinics at their farm.

Joe uses many of the Parelli strategies, but understands Lady well
enough to know when and what should be varied to meet her specific training needs. He has been very patient with teaching me to "feel" my horse and to provide a "feel" for my horse. I am sure working with me has been far more of a challenge for him than working with Lady has been. Anyway, some of the problems that Joe has helped us resolve include the following:

  • hard to catch rushing through gates to the degree that she would run over the person leading her
  • exploding, bolting without warning
  • refusing to pick up and hold up her feet
  • difficulty with loading and unloading from a trailer
  • hard to saddle
  • hard for a vet to do anything with
  • generally scared of her own shadow

Lady stays at Joe and Andrea's farm for a week or so at a time. I go
every day possible so Joe can give us a lesson in playing with each
other. When I am not there, he works with Lady to address some of the issues that are beyond my current ability to handle. Then Lady comes back home to work with me for several weeks. If I have any problems or questions, I just call Joe or drop by to see him. He has even used one of his horses to give me some additional instruction in areas I was having difficulty with.

Thanks to Joe and to the training strategies he has been teaching me, I am a very active part of Lady's training, and my relationship with her has changed tremendously. She has developed a love for me and is beginning to trust and respect me as her leader. Many of the above listed problems are completely eliminated and others are quickly fading away. Soon they will be nothing more than a dim memory thanks to Joe and Andrea. Lady is watching for and following my signals as we play the seven games, and is even jumping barrels for me from the ground now. The best news of all for Lady and I is that she is beginning to want me to ride her. We haven't left the round pen yet, but I believe we soon will. Thank you, Joe. My dream of having a loving, respectful relationship with my horse is much closer than I would ever have believed possible in such a short time."

Pam Marshall
Wellborn FL

Note from Andrea: Pam recently participated in the 3 day Gena Warrington Level One A/Advanced Level One clinic. It brought tears to my eyes to watch Pam and her horse enjoy each other in a group clinic environment . I could not believe they were riding, in a group, at the trot, without a bit/bridle. WAY TO GO PAM AND LADY !!!

"Fantastic Joe!
Just wanted to give you an update! First I want to say I got so much out of our learning time together! I took to heart what you told me and have handled things in a calmer and slower way. Both of my arabians are much calmer and more focused on me. I rode Mustique for the first time 2 days ago since we were there. He seemed to gain a clearer understanding from my new approach on the ground. He was smooth from one transition to the next and we galloped together for the first time! It was an accomplishment I owe to you Joe for the things you said. Yesterday I rode him again and he was just ready to ENJOY his ride. His confidence and trust in what I asked really showed. My confidence and trust in what you told me really shows. So thanks and good luck at the stallion show."
Wendy Gutman, Plant City, FL

"Thank you for such a wonderful time. We learned so much, there are not words to describe it. We just loved both horses, and the wonderful connection they each had with people and Joe in particular.
Joe, I know it didn't seem like I was getting it, but you have really helped me to see more clearly somethings that I had once naturally used, but had discarded once I started "lessons" with others. This "change" gives me more insight into the "people problem" my gelding has with me. Also gives much insight into some things I've seen at Spirit Ranch.
Pat Parelli talks about feel of, feel for and feel with your horse, but he doesn't emphasize how to do it, or even it very much. It is just one of the things he mentions in passing.
Thanks to Joe, I am re-reading my Dorrence "Harmony with Horses" book with new eyes. I used to teach people how to "read" objects with their feelings. I never had them "feel"animals. Just read objects, or other people that way."
Lynne and Don Taber, Loxahatchee, FL

"You got us excited about working with our horses, and seeing how much we could accomplish. You are excellent role models and set high goals for us to try to accomplish. It was a relaxing and stimulating weekend. You were both so hospitable and made us feel really welcome...I am glad we are 'family'."
Andrea's stepsister (Carol Tannen and family) from Boca Raton, FL

"I spent two and a half lovely days at WBQ with my 3-year old premarin Appaloosa gelding. The first thing we noticed upon arrival was the wonderful "horse play pen" with the colorful jumps, bridges, boxes, and general array of mental stimuli. It's a terrific, safe place for a youngster to experience. Our time spent with Joe should, with practice, enable us to become better partners and enjoy ourselves even more than we already do. Joe did a lot of observing and provided a little gentle guidance here and there in order to help me figure out for myself where we needed to improve. We spent some focused time in the round pen and both of my horse and I trotted away 'licking and chewing.'We both plan on visiting again (soon!) "
Denise A. Shirey, Pierson, FL

"Joe Schomburg worked with my Arabian the day I bought him! My Arabian was 6 years old and had never had saddle, bridle or rider experience. I watched as Joe and my horse safely created an unspoken partnership in the roundpen. Within moments my horse trusted Joe and allowed a saddle to be placed on his back shortly after! Joe was kind and persistent without force. With the techniques Joe uses, there is trust, partnership and progress! I took my horse home and continue to study the Parelli Partnership Program and happily make progress with my new horse. Joe taught me how to interact with a perfectly green horse in a safe and sensible manner. My horse and I learned things from Joe in 2 hours that are priceless. Slow and steady. Working with Joe, you and your horse will not be disappointed."
Wendy Gutman, Riverview, FL

"After aquiring my 2 1/2yo Appaloosa stallion I began looking for a trainer. After contacting several trainers I found Joe. At the time I knew nothing of natural horse-man-ship. On my first visit I watched Joe play with a warmblood stallion, I was very interested in what I saw and what he said. On my next visit I brought my Appaloosa mare for a lesson with Joe - needless to say I was hooked. I not only sent my stallion to him for training but I have been making the 95 mile round trip drive every week for lessons ever since - I even had the opportunity to spend my vacation there as a 'working student'!!"
Lisa Murphy, Teardrop Farm, Bell, FL

The mother of one of our clients wrote in after seeing the photos of her daughter (Lisa) riding her stallion for the first time:

"Is that the same nasty horse that was trying to eat the handle of my cart? He looks so focused and well-trained now. And you look as though it is nothing special...meaning no one would ever know, by looking at the pictures, that this was your inaugural ride on a young stallion! Well done, I am proud of you and very VERY grateful to Joe."
Lisa's mother, Ft. Pierce, FL

"Just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciated all the training that you did on our horses...Especially Magic!
I will never forget the day that Joe brought Magic to his round pen and came out of the exercise being able to tell me what was in Magic's head!
Joe, you helped me see Magic in a whole new way! Every assessment that you made about that gelding was right on the money. I admit that I was quite frightened that first time in the round pen with you and Magic, but I learned enough to be able to work on my own with the other horses I had.
I want to thank you for teaching us the safer techniques for the horses and for us. We found the techniques that you taught were sound...THEY WORK!
Thank you, and thank you some more. Please know that you have sure been sorely missed up here in Wisconsin."

Frank and Sherry Stone, Washburn, WI

"Joe's insight is remarkable. After watching me struggle to load a difficult horse, he made a single suggestion about how I could change the way I was asking her to get into the trailer. The response was immediate -- she loaded and unloaded several times without further trouble. The same insight carried over into asking her to do other things. Success with horses is all about communication: Joe is fluent in horse-speak. Even better, Joe has a rare talent for helping others understand and communicate with horses."
Laura Nelson, Candle Hill Farm, Ocala, Florida
(Laura is working on Level Three, PNH)

"I had a problem with my 8 year old morgan gelding Mr T in working with the carrot stick!!! He would charge and challenge me whenever I tried to direct him with it!!! Not realizing I could have reprimanded him with IT, I couldn't seem to get past that place in the Parelli game, I took him to Joe's one Sunday where he promptly showed me that I had to get the horses respect for me.!!! He worked with Mr. T for about 10 minutes and voila!!! He now understands what the carrot stick means and how the respect for humans works with the program!!!! I appreciated Joe's effort that day!!! Thanks again Joe."
Beanie Brooks, Wellborn FL

"Every Sunday play day one guest horse would call to the other horses or even try to drag the owner over to these horse. It was quite amusing to the other guests to watch this horse dragging its owner around (or trying to rear and hop around when it was ridden). Finally one Sunday the owner asked Joe for help. Within minutes of working with that mare, she began to ignore the other horses even though Joe asked them to come closer and move around to try and distract the mare. She was totally focused on Joe, and when he handed her back to the owner, it was a different horse. She continued to behave, and the owner had a good time."
Name withheld

"I sent a biting stallion and a kicking mare to Joe for training. I sent a gelding who did not want his legs touched, nor would he stand for the hose. I sent another horse who did not know how to stand for a bath (or stand for anything for that matter). The horses came back without these issues after 2-3 weeks each!"
Trainer asked not to be identified

"Andrea and Joe provided priceless help with my first horse--a four year old TB right off the track. They exhibited patience, knowledge, and a good sense of humor. I wish they hadn't moved to Florida!"
Suzie Cervin, Washburn, WI

"Thank you for the wonderful lesson last week. I drove 1000 miles (from Washburn to Wellborn) for my lesson! Throughout the years, I've spent working with you and horses, I've learned more valuable information about progressive learning and training than from any other trainer I have dealt with. Many people do not understand the psychology of a horse and human relationship. Thank you for all the valuable information you have given to me."
Jamie Cook - We'll See Farm - Washburn, WI