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Peaches:  8 year old double registered Gaited mare.  16 hands.  Grandmother safe (ask Judy...in photo).  Loves cow working and trail rides (ask Pam, in other photo).
Champagne colored.  Has been ridden on trails in many states.  Sound barefoot and current on everything incl. dental.

Sold to Pam Marshall, in Wellborn FL

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Silver:  Registered APHA mare.  Only 6 years old, she is one of the most beautiful horses we have seen in 2 decades of horsin' around.  Sound barefoot, very versatile, can be ridden english or western.  She's a solid 15.2 hands and is ready for her new home! (Click the image for a larger view)

Sold to Kelly VanDeVusse in Juliette GA. 

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Talon:  Many of you saw the Warmbloods Today (Nov. 2009) article on Talon and asked "why isn't he on your website?".  So here he is with his new owner Samantha. And the article for those of you who did not see it.

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Lakota: (8 years old) was sold to Haley Edwards (8 years old) and her grand-dad Eugene. Congratulations...we look forward to hearing happy reports from you as the two "fillies" grow up together.

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We congratulate Bernie and Teresa of Nova Scotia on their decision to purchase Niki.  She is a special horse and they are special people.
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Louie has FINALLY found his new home. It gives me chills, to think about this, and how long it took us to find Louie his match. Because Louie was gelded at 5 years old we felt perhaps he would always act "studdy" and need a "special" home.

But Louie became the nicest horse, and after a long hot summer "off" we restarted him in October. Lisa came to see him shortly thereafter and was not sure he was for her. Then again in December, Lisa was here for a clinic and she spent some time with him, and still liked him, even though he was green under saddle.

Other people came and looked at him...but Lisa was always in the background, waiting. Lisa came back in early May and Louie was no longer green. Somehow, he matured and became a seasoned horse "overnight". Or did Louie know, somehow, that Lisa was going to be his true partner ? It is a joy to know that Louie will have a forever "natural" home with people like Lisa, Domenick, and Anna LaNeve ! (they also adopted one of my kittens last year).


Neither one of us had makeup on, or had washed our hair - but can you imagine how gorgeous we will be when we do! He is doing really well!! He is so responsive and kind - and really forward (I like that) - we are learning to communicate under saddle and are getting better at it all of the time. I can't wait to show Lynx this Spring - we will clean up! Take care - and happy holidays/Happy New Year - I will keep you posted - thank you so much for matching us up!
Lynx and Karen Sticklett, of Omaha Nebraska

"Frank's Money" Frank
Frank with Joe at Wellborn Quarter
Horses one month after his rescue.
See photo of Frank in his new home Here

Frank in his new pasture.

Frank is a registered 3 year old thoroughbred gelding (with papers). Purchased (rescued) on April 15 from a neglectful home. Current on all shots, worming, and farrier work, he is ready to go home with someone. He loves being bathed (photo taken after his bath), but is sometimes difficult to catch. We recommend keeping him alone or with a dependable older horse, until he settles into his new home and trusts that he will not be abused. Parelli person preferred!

Pam and Tom Marshall adopted Frank and since he is in Wellborn, we get to hear all about his exploits. No longer difficult to catch or to hoof-trim, Frank is finally enjoying his new life with people who respect him and care for him.


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