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Saturday open house workshops 11 - 2 pm:  
Please call 386-623-1099 for more information

Comment from one of the recent participants:

We started seeing things we never dreamed possible. Yes, I was raised around horses and taught by a certain little mare, but that has never taken me to this level with all horses. The interaction between Joe and the horses was one of respect and trust, not only in the horse’s personal mind, but also with the way Joe interacted with each and every horse that he worked with. He has taught me that consideration goes alot further than just knowledge of what to do and how to do it. This we believe is because Joe was able to read the horse and every situation, and he always thought of horse to the utmost degree. It was a beautiful and healthy connection. This leads us to one of our biggest realizations of horsemanship: the horse is who leads him.

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