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All proceeds (after clinicians and related expenses are paid) from these clinics are used to feed, house, and otherwise care for the 10-20 (the number fluctuates) unwanted/rescue horses that call WQH "home". 
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Oct 21-23 2017:  Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, DVM, author, and Master Trainer will be here for 2 days. Both days: Lecture, in the morning, followed by lunch, and 4 demo rides in the afternoon.  Cost is $160 for both days, including lunch.  Gerd is the author of Balancing Act and Tug of War.  He also has a new DVD "If Horses Could Speak".

The Gerd Heuschmann USA 2017 Symposium Tour is being sponsored by Omega Fields, maker of Omega HorseShine and other fine products, and Photonic Health of Ocala www.PhotonicHealth.com 
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Dr. Heuschmann is happy to welcome as guest speaker Certified Master Saddler Jochen Schleese, with whom he worked on the video “If Horses Could Speak”.   Jochen will be presenting a synopsis of the 9 points of saddle fit (Sunday during lunch) and discussing how the anatomy of horse and rider affect the biomechanics of the horse.  You will learn how this ties in with Gerd’s lectures and teaching methodology.

Gerd Demonstrating

The photo shows Jochen demonstrating with Gerd how an adjustable gullet plate should work to accommodate the natural asymmetry and movement of the horse’s scapulae when the horse is in motion.

PAUL BELASIK:  Trainer, Teacher, Author: January 13-14-15

As Paul's first book "Riding Towards the Light" celebrates it's 25th anniversary, we are honored to co-host this clinic with the Suwannee Valley Chapter of the DSDCTA. Paul will also be the keynote speaker at the DSDCTA Annual Banquet on Saturday evening in Madison FL.

"Riding Towards the Light" is Paul’s honest and compelling account of his personal journey to discover the ultimate truths of dressage riding. His apprenticeship, as he calls it, lasted about thirteen years. It involved traversing thousands of miles and countless hours of rigorous practice. It meant researching through centuries of literature penned by the great riding masters of the past. It took in hours and hours of observation and lectures from latter-day masters, such as Henri Van Schaik and Nuno Oliveira. It even encompassed the study of Zen Buddhism and martial arts--before "everyone else" was doing this.

His subsequent books and video (there are 8) include Dressage for the 21st Century, and A Search for Collection. Riders from all disciplines are welcome to ride and/or spectate.
Dressage definition: the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.
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Cow Working every Sunday, noon to 5, except during clinic weekends. 
Call Joe for more info:  386-623-1099

Living Quarters reservations for clinics and events-- We have 12 living quarter trailer slots; 9 are pull-thru. LQ slots are $25/night, each has water and electric hookups.

Myriad Right:  They called him “The Cadillac” at Belmont.  Raced 52 times in 3 years.  He would do anything for anybody, but his heart belonged to Andrea.  They were best friends for almost 2 decades.  Myriad  told her what really goes on at these “places” and this is why WQH takes in discarded/lame racehorses. They deserve heaven after the hell they were born into.


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